Growing like Lightning

It’s been a beastly hot weekend, and the week ahead looks to be the same. Luckily, there have been thunderstorms in the evening every other day or so, and today seems to prove no exception. The plants are getting the water they need, and when it doesn’t rain, there’s always the hose! In the meantime, things are looking beautiful. I’m most excited by the flowers, which are popping up quickly, and are just gorgeous.

We’ve got marigolds, which are a bit hidden in this photo, and the zinnias must have come up overnight, because last time I came out they were not there yet! There’s another bed of zinnias and nasturtium, which is so very close to blossoming, but isn’t quite there yet.

Nasturtium flowers are edible! If you like spicy things that is. They have quite a surprising bite.

The snap peas are coming to the end of their run. It’s been neat to watch them go through their cycle, from thin edible pods to very fibery pods full of big peas. I went through tonight and got most of the last of them, and there was quite a load left!

The garlic is also ripe, if that’s the right word. It’s ready to be pulled up at any rate, and the bulbs are nice and big. It smells quite pungent once removed from the soil, I can see why vampires aren’t big fans of garlic. It’s delicious in a dish though! We have a sunflower plant. It’s huge, though it looks to grow even bigger, and there’s no flower yet. It’s definitely at least 6 and a half feet tall already.

The tomato plants are sprouting up, and some already have tiny green tomatoes on them, though they won’t be ripe for a fair while yet. In the meantime, there are some cute yellow flowers instead.

Oh and we have our first okra harvest

Next post, look for flowers, carrots, and cucumbers! See you soon, and stay cool!

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