Jack and the Sunflower Stalk

It’s been a good week for the garden! We harvested the garlic a few days ago, and the cucumbers are growing like crazy. They’re quite impressive actually, I had no idea how fast they grow, but they need to be harvested every couple of days, which I’ll not complain about. It looks like we’re in for another scorching hot week, with highs in the low 90s all week until it gets down to a reasonable 85 on Saturday. The garden doesn’t seem to be suffering from all the heat though!


The cucumbers are the row on the right, and to their left, with the stakes set at intervals along the row, are some pepper plants. On the left is a glimpse of a row of tomatoes, which are in the slow process of ripening.


Here’s a better view of the cucumber plants! Smack in the middle of the row is the biggest sunflower plant I’ve ever seen in person, and I think it’s going to keep on growing. Forget about Jack and the Beanstalk, it should have been Jack and the sunflower plant! I’m very excited to see it flower, and don’t worry, pictures will be forthcoming when that happens!

Well, the garlic’s gone, so we have an empty row, and the snap peas have officially been and gone, so we will be pulling those out soon as well, leaving us with two more empty raised beds. I think we’ll put something in to fill the void, but we haven’t decided on what yet. Much of what’s going on is a watering and waiting game. There is a lot of harvest-able mizuna and tatsoi, and the okra is producing now, as well as the basil and mints. The peppers though, and the tomatoes, both of which occupy a lot of space in the garden, are still in ripening.


I love watching the tomato plants throw out these cute little green tomatoes. Most of them aren’t bigger than a large marble, but not for long!

More pictures soon! Have a great day!

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