After the rain comes sunshine…and mud :)

The garden is looking great! This week was a scorcher, with highs in the high 80s and low 90s for three days straight. Come Friday though, the rain showers started, and Saturday was almost constant sprinkling. Sunday now, the rain’s packed up and moved on, and we’re left with lovely moist soil, sunshine, and some pretty happy plants.


The lettuce is almost gone, and the deer have taken all the chard, but miraculously have left everything else untouched. No complaints here! Likewise, we pulled up the beds of snap peas. With the peas gone, we’ve got room for some new plants, though I’m not sure what we’ll be putting in yet.

No more peas

The flowers are gorgeous right now, the zinnia are in full bloom, the marigolds are still going strong, and though the nasturtium are a bit shy and hide beneath their leaves, they’re beautiful.


Nasturtium and Zinnia


The squash plants are gigantic, and if you search hard enough beneath their huge leaves, there’s squash! Then of course, the problem is getting to them to harvest, haha.

Squash City

The blackberries are getting big, and though they’re still a vibrant shade of red one or two are beginning to darken.


There are still a good amount of carrots left in the ground, but some of the rows were planted so copiously that the carrot roots must be rather squished together down there. To give them some breathing space, and to have a side dish for dinner, I picked a few. Before this summer I didn’t know that carrots came in colors other than orange, and frankly the purple ones are my favorite. It’s nice to have some additional color!


This next week will be a week of watering, weeding, propping up tomato plants, and mowing the grass. Oh, and maybe planting something new in the former pea beds! More pictures to come!

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