Picture Perfect

Happy late 4th of July! The tomatoes, ground cherries, and peppers are all on the cusp of bursting into ripeness. The cherry tomatoes are already becoming harvestable, and each day there are more ground cherries ready to be picked. We’ve got some hefty looking green peppers, and the okra is in the middle of its harvesting season.


To me the astonishing thing about the cherry tomatoes picked here is that this is just a teeny tiny portion of the many green tomatoes still on the vine. We are going to have a LOT of tomatoes this summer. And of course, that is a ton of cucumber by it. The cucumber is still producing, but probably peaked sometime last week.

Okra flower and bee

Okra flowers are so pretty that I’d probably plant them in a flower garden just so I could see them. Same with basil actually, once it goes to seed it’s got these tiny little flowers you never see on basil at the store.

Basil flowers

Oh all that corn we planted is growing quite tall. And, some of it is already producing corn ears!


The persimmons are also getting larger, but they won’t be ready for a while yet.


Butterflies have finally been caught on camera, though not on the butterfly bush, haha. They’re quite pretty though!


Butterfly on Basil

Along with the butterfly on the basil in the above picture, you can see the husks of some ground cherries. The ground cherries are neat because they ripen in the husk. Normally, they’re ripe once the husk turns yellow, and funnily enough the fruit inside is often not quite ripe even once the husk has fallen to the ground. I’ve never dealt with them before, so some experimentation will be required to figure out when to eat them.


Finally, here’s a happy squash flower for you šŸ™‚ More pictures to come! Have a great week!

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