Rise of the Tomatoes

Greetings all, I hope the summer is treating you well! We’ve had some impressively hot days, and it’s causing the cucumbers, and to an extent the tomatoes, to ripen at a rather astonishing rate. It’s great! Get ready for the gardening news of the week, but first, take a moment to let these sunflowers brighten your day!!!


Of course, we take full credit for planting it. Actually, it’s a volunteer sunflower, that popped up in the middle of our cucumber row. I’m all in favor of planting one or two next year, just to make sure we’ve got them somewhere, they’re beautiful. Continuing this floral note, check out the zinnias and marigolds, they’re still in full bloom (or at least, are both still producing flowers that are in full bloom) and the color they add to the garden is quite heartwarming. If your heart needs any warming on these 90 degree days, that is.

Zinnia! More zinnia Even more zinnia And some marigolds

The flowers are blooming, and the tomatoes are ripening. There are a lot of cherry tomatoes, and they haven’t even hit their stride yet. Each day the green tomatoes get bigger, and soon they’ll be ready to be picked too. It will be the summer of salsa and gazpacho.


The tomato plants are so laden with leaves and growing tomatoes that they’ve had to be propped up with extra stakes, so they don’t bring down the overburdened ones they’re leaning on! The peppers are also on the cusp of being picked, and there are some beautiful green ones.


Ground cherries

This is one of our two rows of ground cherries, a fascinating vegetable (or fruit…? never too sure on that one) that grows inside a husk. I’ll post a picture when I’ve got one. They’re small but pack a real flavor punch. If anyone knows any good ground cherry recipes, let me know! Heaven knows we’ve got enough to make a pie with. If you make pies with ground cherries.


Now, I am sure that this is a fruit. In fact, it’s the first blueberry I’ve seen on our baby blueberry plant!! We just planted it and two others this spring, and I’m learning firsthand how long it takes blueberry bushes to reach bush size. I think this one will be a baby for another hefty handful of years. In the meantime though, for its size it’s produced an impressive amount of blueberries. Well, soon to be blueberries.


The corn is taller each day, though I’m afraid it will never quite reach sunflower standards. It’s great to look at though, and we may even get the ears before the squirrels!

Green beans

Ohh, in the former snap peas bed, Ethan just planted some green beans. They’re looking very healthy, and will hopefully be ready sometime in late August!
Well, that’s it for now, but I’ll have more pictures soon, expect lots of tomato talk in the next few weeks. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

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